January 18, 2021

VELCRO Toss and Catch Ball Outdoor Sports Game Grip Mitts Toy Set for Kids Play

HIGH QUALITY BALL CATCHER GAME – If you are looking for some fun ways to keep yourself and your kids entertained and active then we got you covered. This old time classic outdoor game is now at its finest. Have fun with your family but also keep fit as well. Top notch quality materials and excellent craftsmanship have been combined to make this toss and catch balling game a hoot.

THE MOST DURABLE CONSTRUCTION BALL DISC PADDLES – Forget all those easily torn apart touch fastener discs that after a few games would stop being effective and always drop the ball. Play carefree from now on with the most durable circular mitt pads and feel sure that there will be no ball dropping. Our premium self-stick surface catchers will allow you and your family enjoy this game like never before.

RESILIENT PLASTIC BLACK BACK TOSS & GRIP BALL CATCHER – Our ball catcher can be easily used by simply holding it in your hands through its back handle. It’s convenient and ergonomically placed handle will help you move the disc catcher nice and easy without straining your wrists. This ball catcher pad along with the balls bear vivid green and pink joyful colors ideal for all ages and genders.

THE BIGGEST & STRONGEST BALL CATCHER IN A CARRYING BAG – This ball catcher set consists of two heavy duty discs, one wonderful ball and all of these come in a great net bag for your convenience. Take this ball catcher toy with you at the next party your child goes and everyone will love it. It’s size is larger than all the others in the market and will make ball tossing and grabbing such a fun activity.

If you are interested to buy / find out more details, pls click:

Nguồn: https://chungcuduan.com.vn/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://chungcuduan.com.vn/game/

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